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Dr. Rausch: I have countless fond memories of my tenure at Benedictine. Putting together the pictorial history for the endowment web site afforded me the opportunity to reminisce not only about the teaching and research, but also the extracurricular activities and the enjoyment I had interacting with students and faculty outside of the classroom.

Just a few of my memories outside of class include: Starting varsity tennis, finishing 2nd in conference our first year operating as a club, the spring trips and bringing in Gary Moore to compete nationally against scholarship schools (NAIA). Deb DeMateo's national contending volleyball teams. Tom Beck/Gene Cavich & Bill Barz/Dave Egofsky football teams dominating the competition. Recruiting Jason Forrestal and watching him and the basketball team grow into a national powerhouse. I was privileged to watch them even though they lost very close games to Northern Illinois University & eventual national NCAA Division III champion University of Wisconsin-Platteville on their home courts. Participating in IM football, basketball, softball (champion Railbirds), tennis & racquetball. Evening teaching strategy meetings with Hazdra, Herbach, Munninger & Hyslop in the early years. Directing numerous student research programs at Argonne National Laboratory. The attempted reaction to synthesize tetrahedrane for the first time by low temperature photolysis of pyridazine at University of Wisconsin with George Ganzer-a reaction which would have made us famous. There are many more fond memories too numerous to mention here.
Russell Palmeri

Russell Palmeri SPC 1970 states: I made my donation online. It was very easy. He reminisced about Milt Woods always being in the middle of a controversy and says he often thinks of the boating tragedy that happened to Greg Snoke. After graduation he started in the Chemistry PhD program at Berkeley. When he found out PChem was not for him(or most other students who enjoy organic*), he obtained an MD degree from Georgetown University. After an OB-GYN (see model in picture) career of over twenty years in private practice, he retired and now teaches full-time at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College in Asheville, North Carolina.   *DR comment (sorry Weso)

Jim Beaupre SPC 1962 : GRAD SCHOOL AT IOWA STATE I was Dave's 1st roommate at Iowa State where we did errands for the ISU Profs until they got sick of us and gave us PhDs. Dave's 2nd roommate was his wife, Polly--Same place, but they got the upstairs apartment. But, at 1st, it was the basement with an octopus furnace dominating the decor. What I remember (it was the 60's after all), is when we moved in, I brought 3 cases of beer and Dave brought a case of Spaghettio's. I think our tastes have improved since then, but every now and then it's Chef Boyardee time!
John Makarowski, Biology, C69 : GRAD SCHOOL AT IOWA STATE Dr. David Rausch professor (retired) taught organic chemistry in 1966 to a fledgling class (1969). We were privileged to have him influence us his experience in this area. I'm sure many of us....doctors, dentists, chemists, etc….are much richer because he cared that we learned his expertise. We will always be grateful for his time (when needed) to tutor and personally get to know us even outside class. He has been a part of our (Procomen) dinners when we gather for whatever reason (even to reminisce). I know he has been a large part of influence in my life...Thanks for YOU...DR. DAVID RAUSCH!!!!


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