Annual Benedictine Heritage Lecture: "Contemplation and the Suffering Earth: Thomas Merton, Pope Francis, and the Next Generation"

March 1, 2018
7:00 PM
St. Benedict Chapel (Kindlon 4th floor)
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In this year's Benedictine Heritage Lecture, Dr. Christopher Pramuk draws from Thomas Merton and Pope Francis to explore the epistemological roots of the environmental crisis, with special attention to university education and the formation of young people.

Dr. Pramuk is the Chair of Ignatian Thought and Imagination and Associate Professor at Regis University. His areas of expertise include the famed spiritual writer Thomas Merton and contemporary issues at the intersection of spirituality, the arts, theology, and racial justice.

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Dept. of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies
Ms. Lynn Dransoff
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