Master of Science in Taxation
Master of Science in Taxation

The Master of Science Taxation (M.S. in Taxation) program at Benedictine University is an exciting new discipline that is designed to prepare students for managerial roles in tax departments of corporate and service organizations as well as public accounting firms. The M.S. in Taxation is an essential component of your career growth and leadership development and is widely recognized throughout the business environment as a powerful professional credential.

Business leaders in the 21st century must navigate their way through a maze of changing federal and state tax regulations, the impact of globalization on tax exposures, the continuous drive by corporations to lower tax liabilities and improve the profitability of organization, and the presence of ongoing ethical challenges. The Bureau of Labor Statistics project the average growth rate for the field of accounting and tax will average 16% over the next ten years. Benedictine University's M.S. in Taxation prepares students to take advantage of these new job opportunities.

By conveying practical knowledge and essential skills in such areas as tax research, taxation of corporations and shareholders, taxation of partnerships, state income taxation, and corporate reorganizations, the Benedictine M.S. in Taxation provides comprehensive, analytical, and theoretical skills that are critical to make well-grounded organizational tax decisions that will maximize profits and limit audit risks.

M.S. in Taxation Curriculum

Our curriculum requires 64 quarter credit hours of graduate course work and can be broken into four primary sections:

  1. Accounting Foundation: four courses focused on U.S. accounting standards
  2. Taxation Competency: five courses focused on in depth concepts, theories and issues in accounting.
  3. Advanced Taxation Topics: four courses focused on management skills & knowledge necessary for those student seeking managerial positions in accounting.
  4. Electives: students are required to choose three elective courses suited to their personal or professional interests.
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