Andrew Wig, Ph.D., is the On-Campus IDEA Director.  He is available for questions or concerns in Birck Hall Room 321.  He can also be reached via email at or telephone at 630-829-6527.


Instructions and Information
Contains instructions that are specific to Benedictine for instructors, office assistants, and department chairs.  Also includes guidance on selecting IDEA objectives, team taught courses, and using additional questions on IDEA surveys.

POD - IDEA Center Notes on Learning
POD - IDEA Center Notes on Instruction

Succinct papers written in collaboration with the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (POD).  These papers are a great resource in support of teaching improvement!  Each paper discusses things one can do to use one of the 20 IDEA teaching methods more effectively.

IDEA Papers
A veritable cornucopia of IDEA papers covering a wide range of topics, such as motivating students, teaching adult students, appraising teaching effectiveness, the reliability of the IDEA system and much, much more.

IDEA Research Notes
These are short notes (1-2 pages) on the results of research done by the IDEA center.  For example, one of these notes addresses the question, "Are ratings on the 'overall excellence of teacher' item influenced more by the 'teaching method' used or the 'skill' with which the instructor employs a method?"

IDEA Research Reports
These are "somewhat longer" reports that address specific issues and questions.  For example, one report addresses the validity of IDEA student ratings and another report addresses the question "Are quantitatively oriented courses different?"