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Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice

Why study criminal justice at Benedictine University?

Criminal Justice is the scientific study of the variety of ways in which the various components of the criminal justice system work together from the creation of laws to the treatment of those who violate laws. Studying criminal justice at Benedictine University at Mesa provides a student with a well-rounded, liberal arts preparation to work in the areas of law enforcement, probation and parole, and the judicial system. The program can also serve as a basis for graduate work in criminal justice or as a foundation for students who want to attend law school to become a criminal law attorney.

What does a degree in Criminal Justice at Benedictine offer?

Studying criminal justice at Benedictine University at Mesa teaches students to be critical thinkers; to acquire, understand and synthesize knowledge pertaining to the criminal justice system; to learn research methodology and how it can be applied to questions of the correctional process and law creation, law enforcement and criminological theory; and to solve problems independently and cooperatively. Students also study the political, social and cultural forces that shape the criminal justice system.

What careers are available for Criminal Justice majors?

A degree in Criminal Justice can open the door to a number of careers such as lawyer, judge, police officer, crime scene investigator, youth counselor and probation officer. Positions can be found on the local, state and federal levels and in the private sector.

How does the program work?

The Criminal Justice major includes a field placement component. As a Criminal Justice major, students develop a foundation in American government, ethics and cultural heritage. They learn the fundamentals of juvenile justice, delinquency and crime, criminal investigation techniques and research methodology. Advanced students learn criminal investigation methods and statistics methodology. They gain a broad background in criminal law.


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