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If you are undecided about a major, it may be because

  • You want to pursue a field of study that will prepare you for a career that will not only give you financial stability but also provide personal fulfillment.
  • You haven’t completely evaluated your own potential or interests.
  • You think you know what major you want but are hesitant to pursue it because you are uncertain about career opportunities or your academic abilities at the college level.
  • You are not familiar with the many fields of study and the various areas where a given field can be pursued.

Benedictine University at Mesa can help you

At Benedictine, you will find a variety of opportunities to broaden your view of life, yourself and the world of work that will influence the direction you decide to take in your academic study and career. Some of your broadening will occur as you speak with your instructors, seek the views of other students and engage in liberal education studies. Some of it will depend on your willingness to participate in community programs, extracurricular activities, seminars and student clubs. These experiences will provide you with a better vantage point to view life and yourself.

All new freshmen will work closely with Benedictine University at Mesa staff and faculty who will help you prepare your academic course schedules, assess your academic progress, adjust to college life and discuss selection of your major and career-related issues.

What courses should I take while undecided?

Undecided students are advised to take “general education” courses that are required for all majors. You should also take some courses in a field of interest during this time. Students who are having a difficult time narrowing down several interests may want to double major in two different areas. Depending on the combination and with the right planning and preparation, some students can complete two majors in no more than four years. Double majors are perceived well by potential employers and allow students to stand out from other candidates.

How long can I remain undecided?

You should choose a major by the end of your sophomore year. Transfer students who have earned an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree should have an idea about major choice within their first semester at Benedictine University at Mesa. Students are advised to enroll in one or more introductory or exploratory courses in a major while undecided to help with their decision. Declaration of a major or a change of major after that time may require additional semesters of study and/or summer school.

Career information programs

Various presentations are offered throughout the year to encourage students to explore the nature of different careers and to give them an opportunity for group discussion.

Benedictine University E-books

There are a number of publications related to career choice and success on Benedictine University’s Library website at

AlumNet - Alumni career resource network

A number of Benedictine graduates volunteer their time to serve in a network of professionals whom you may contact for first-hand career information.

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