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An extraordinary college experience.

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Adam Baldocchi Adam Baldocchi
Class Year: 2012
Major/Minor: Psychology

"When I first stepped off the plane in Xi'an, China, I felt restricted. I did not know where to go, I did not know how to get there and I did not know who to speak to. I struggled to perform the simplest tasks. After two months of living in China, I no longer felt constrained. The language skills I gained are no longer short-term memory skills. Being immersed in the language forced my brain to adapt to my new surrounding through auditory, visual and tactile cues."

BenU Christine Moore, Ph.D.
Class Year: 1994
Instructor, Department of Genetics/Molecular Biology, Harvard University

"I have no doubt that my successes are a direct result of my participation in the Molecular Biology/Biochemistry program at Benedictine. As I encounter different courses and laboratory work, I find that I have received a superior background in course material and research experience due to the numerous outstanding teachers and opportunities I experienced during my undergraduate career."

Brian Bartoz Brian Bartoz
Class Year: 2005
Major/Minor: Political Science

"I had the chance to listen to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's thoughts on international relations and terrorism, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's reflections on leadership, and Gen. Tommy Franks' views on the United State's role in the world. I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Patrick Fitzgerald, former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and prosecutor in the federal corruption trial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and heard speeches from Alan Keyes and Barack Obama while they were running for the U.S. Senate. I also served as the copy editor and news editor of The Candor where each week I had the opportunity to read opinions on national and international issues as well as issues specific to the campus. Each columnist opened my eyes to issues that I had perhaps been aware of but hadn't considered closely until I read their articles."

Parth Bhansali Parth Bhansali
Class Year: 2013
Major/Minor: Health Science

"Benedictine has been a safe haven where students, faculty and staff can openly express their feelings, represent their culture and traditions, practice their religious beliefs, follow their values and beliefs, and be proud of who they are, knowing that the family we created at Benedictine will accept them with open arms. The University has been instrumental in helping me evolve into the person I've become. I had the opportunity to intern with Christian Katz, M.D., in general surgeries and was able to assist him with removing gallbladders, appendixes and amputation. I plan on going back at the end of the year for a chance to participate in saving more lives." 

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Jordan Cart Jordan Cart
Class Year: 2013
Major/Minor: Psychology

"It's a lot different than a big school, which I liked. At Benedictine, there are a lot more opportunities for students. I am a teacher's assistant in the Psychology department, which is a huge thing for an undergrad to be. The school is also really good at providing students with scholarships. I received an out-of-state grant, some academic awards and other scholarships that have really helped. I'm paying almost the same tuition [as a state school] and getting all these opportunities."

Christina Dister Christina Dister
Class Year: 2015
Major/Minor: International Business and Economics

"The language barrier that divides people from communicating prevents us from knowing each other and realizing how much we could learn from one another. It's one thing to have been taught a language and a culture and have the ability to speak fluently, but it's an entirely different thing to be immersed in the everyday life of a society that is far different from your own."

Ismail Dogar Ismail Dogar
Class Year: 2012
Major/Minor: Health Science and International Business and Economics

"My experience in Cuba was truly remarkable. In the past, I hear that Cuba was under a dictatorship and that there was mass oppression of people. However, talking with the dozens of people I met directly, Cubans have shown me there's a vibrant civil society that enjoys many modern liberties. This experience taught me you should research before you formulate an opinion and that you should never accept the status quo."

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Caroline Ebeling Caroline Ebeling
Class Year: 2011
Major/Minor: Elementary Education

"Receiving academic and leadership scholarships made attending Benedictine possible. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to receive such an exceptional education."

BenU Kerry Myers
Class Year: 2006
Major/Minor: Political Science

"My internship with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington, D.C. gave me insight into what the field of political science was going to be like. I was able to meet candidates who were considering running for office and I worked with multiple campaign staffs. During my experience, I met contacts who helped to launch my career after graduation."

Andreana Holowatyj Andreana Holowatyj
Class Year: 2013
Major/Minor: Medical Humanities and Mathematics

"I have been conducting research in the field of geometric knot theory and combinatorics since my freshman year. Since then, I have had the opportunity to present and share my work nationally and internationally with renowned professors and experts in this mathematical field. The opportunity has been the stepping stone for me to earn fellowships in other scientific areas of research."

Zareen Khan Zareen Khan
Class Year: 2013
Major/Minor: Health Science

"As a member of Student Senate, I care about the University and want to make a difference. I'm in the middle of organizing a CPR workshop with other senators to help more students, faculty and staff to be prepared and become CPR certified. This opportunity, as well as others, have helped me develop into a leader and have made me appreciate Benedictine values and the academic environment here even more."

Molly Kovacich Molly Kovacich
Class Year: 2014
Major/Minor: Management and Organizational Behavior

"Being a Benedictine student-athlete has and will continue to benefit me in more ways that I can describe. My teammates, coaches and the administration have helped shape me into the person that I am today. They brought me out of my shell and have helped me to think, feel and compete in a more positive way. The amazing facilities, the coaching staff and the administration is the reason why I chose to come to Benedictine, and it's the best decision I've ever made."

Jordan Mack Jordan Mack
Class Year: 2013
Major/Minor: Social Science

"I have learned everyone on campus really wants you to succeed. Not only are you pushed academically, you are also pushed athletically. Benedictine University has all the resources I need, and it is up to me to use them to my advantage. If I need help with anything regarding my classes, all I have to do is ask. The same goes for basketball. Benedictine has made me more focused on my future success."

Stacey Jo Barber Stacey Jo (Janssen) Barber
Class Year: 2006
Major/Minor: Studio Art

"My work as an art therapist has been forged by the values-based liberal arts education I received at Benedictine. I've had the opportunity to use art and creative expression to foster deep personal growth in my clients, develop a sense of community in the settings I've worked and promote healing. I have worked with individuals with emotional and behavioral disorders, attention deficit, learning disabilities and impaired cognitive function. My work requires me to be consistent, detail oriented, organized and an advocate for my clients' needsall skills that were honed and developed while at Benedictine."

Kevin Hendricks Kevin Hendricks
Class Year: 2014
Major/Minor: Management and Organizational Behavior

"Being a student-athlete at Benedictine has been a life-changing experience. The facilities are top-notch. The athletic trainers help us to be the best student-athletes possible. The baseball coaching staff has not only helped me improve my game on the field, but they helped me to see the bigger picture by giving me life lessons and information that I can use in the real world. Being a student-athlete here at Benedictine has helped me grow as a player and a person, and I couldn't be more thankful and happy with my decision to play here."

Romana Jankowski Romana Jankowski
Class Year: 2011
Major/Minor: Fine Arts

"The creative discussions we had in class expanded my horizons on the history and theory of art, and made me more prepared to discuss different styles of art as well as the message art conveys. Art is more than a color and texture, it is the history of humanity."

BenU Sophia Niazi
Class Year: 2012
Major/Minor: Health Sciences

"Scholarships allowed me to thrive during my undergraduate career. They allowed me to give my full attention to school and were a catalyst to my work ethic. It feels nice to be rewarded for hard work. In turn, the scholarships made me want to work harder to achieve my goals. What I loved most was the message I received, which is to give back to the future when I am able to."

Onyekachi Nwoke Onyekachi Nwoke
Class Year: 2012
Major/Minor: Health Science

"(Having a dialogue with other students) breaks down the walls people have built. We have to remember before anything else we are citizens of the world and human beings, and we should interact with each other regardless of race, religionall the things that we label ourselves."

Lori Ann Puchalski Lori Ann Puchalski
Class Year: 2011
Major/Minor: Biology

"Being an athlete at Benedictine showed me the importance of time management, teamwork, dedication and perseverance. These values helped me on the golf course as well as in the classroom. I have become a more well-rounded person due to opportunities I pursued here."

Srividya Ranganathan Srividya Ranganathan
Class Year: 2012
Major/Minor: Marketing and Finance

"The smaller professor-to-student ratio made it much easier for me to get to know each of my professors better than I would have at another university. They become a much bigger part of your life - especially outside of the classroom - and they help you grow as both a student and as a person. I began my undergraduate career as a pre-med student and switched majors after my sophomore year. The support I received from both the College of Science and the College of Business was incredible, and helped appease the fears that accompanied my change of plans. The individual attention students receive, if they make the most of their undergraduate education, prepares them quite well for the future."

Aaron Youngblood Aaron Youngblood
Class Year: 2013
Major/Minor: Political Science

"I think the concerts held at Benedictine are very effective in boosting students morale. I tell all of my friends back home that are enrolled in state universities about the artists who come to our campus and they are green with envy at the bands coming to perform. The University's Financial Aid department is also very helpful in making the financial aid process a smooth one. I depend heavily on financial aid and scholarships, and I know that they are aware of that and they make their best effort to ensure that my financial situation is the least of my concerns."

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