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There are currently no emergencies.


The BenAlert emergency notification system enables students, faculty and staff to receive alerts and notifications within minutes by phone, text and/or e-mail messages regarding emergency situations affecting Benedictine University. Alerts are short messages about an urgent or immediate situation. Notifications are follow-up messages that may contain more detailed information that are not as time-sensitive.

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Snow Removal

The Benedictine University Grounds Department staff will remove snow from the residence halls, Founders’ Woods, general, and faculty/staff parking lots according to the priority level below.  To facilitate snow removal from parking lots, we ask resident students to relocate their cars to the parking garage if two (2) or more inches of snow is expected.  The Chief of University Police will notify all students by email when the University determines that snowfall would require students to relocate their vehicles.  Students are expected to anticipate and look for a parking relocation message when snow is in the forecast.

If you observe any sidewalks or areas of unsafe snow conditions during normal business hours, please report them directly to Facility Operations at 630-829-6420 – after hours contact University Police at 630-829-6122.  Priorities shift based on activities happening after standard business hours and/or on weekends.

Special attention should be given to walking and driving on campus.  Remember that ice and hard-packed snow could be hazardous so safety awareness is important.

These procedures will be followed from November 1 – April 1.

Priority Level 1

Fire Lanes & Access Roads: (Night and weekend priority)

  1. Main Entry by Birck Hall (BK)
  2. Ondrak (Lot D)
  3. Back road entrance off Maple Rd.
  4. Inner pedestrian road
  5. Goodwin Hall (Lot C)
  6. Kindlon (Lot E)
  7. Scholl/Lownik (Lots G and H)
  8. Quad Interior Walk
  9. Rice Center/Neuzil (Lot J)
  10. Krasa (Lot A)
  11. Founders’ Woods (Lot B and walkways)

Priority Level 2

WALKWAYS (Entrances):

HAND ZONE 1                                           

  1. Ondrak  (front and back entrances)                                                         
  2. Kindlon (all entrances)
  3. Birck (all entrances)
  4. Goodwin (all entrances)
  5. Jaeger Hall (all sidewalks)                                                            
  6. Neuzil Hall (all sidewalks)                                                            
  7. Rice Center (all sidewalks)                                                           
  8. Scholl (all four entrances)
  9. Lownik (north, south and west entrances)
  10. Sidewalk along Baseball Field (east)
  11. Krasa (all entrances)
  12. Coal Ben (all entrances)

HAND ZONE 2                                                             

  1. Powerhouse                                                     

Priority Level 3

Sports Complex

  1. Main Concourse and sidewalks
  2. Office Level (mezzanine)

Tune in to one of the following stations to find out whether classes have been cancelled:

  • WGN Radio 720
  • WBBM Newsradio 105.9 FM
  • WKKD 95.9 FM
  • WJOL AM 1340
  • CBS 2 Chicago
  • NBC 5 Chicago
  • ABC 7 Chicago
  • WGN Channel 9
  • FOX 32 News
  • CLTV News
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